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stephensons furniture polishStephensons Olde English Furniture Cream

Stephensons Furniture Cream was made to the original old English recipe dating back to 1856. It contained only the natural goodness of genuine Turpentine and finest quality Beeswax. There were no man-made additives. Unfortunately, Stephensons Olde English Furniture Cream has been discontinued.

Sorry, our Furniture Cream is currently unavailable
- we hope to have stock in the New Year.

Lochinvar Olde English Furniture Cream
Lochinvar Olde English Furniture Cream

We had successfully sold Stephenson’s Olde English Furniture Cream for a number of years but, shortly after it ceased production, our stock ran out. Unsurprisingly this product still has a number of loyal customers who were disappointed to see its demise.

We have endeavoured ever since to try and find a suitable replacement for this unique product and, after a long search, we are pleased to offer you what is, in our opinion, a very close representation of the original cream.

This old recipe has been used since the early nineteenth century to care for for all traditional and modern furniture and we are sure that Lochinvar Olde English Furniture Cream is the product you are looking for.

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